Week Twenty

Claudia:  It has rained for about 9 days straight here and you are getting a little loopy from being stuck inside. Luckily you found lots of entertainment jumping on my bed this fine morning with Patrick. And all this time inside has given us more time to read together. You are reading the Molly series from The American Girl collection. Also, you have been fascinated with maps and want to identify all the spots on the globe where you have friends. Patrick:  You are getting so good at going to sleep these days. I can leave you after your bedtime stories and you hardly cry. You do stay up singing and making huge messes in your room though. I'll take that over the crying, though! Also, you are swimming so well. You love sticking your face in the water and can glide underwater for a few seconds at your swim lessons. I'm so proud of you!

IMG_0475Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-2 IMG_0452Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-1IMG_0562Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-3