The Woodlands Photographer: Taking Pictures with Toddlers

So here is how you take some quick but lovely family photos. I took the following pictures in under 3 minutes. So, first, know that  toddlers are wild and free. That is great for getting some lifestyle shots of them being wild and free, but if you are looking for some nice posed family shots, my best advice is to have a parent, usually the mom, scoop up the toddler, cuddle him/her and tell them a funny story about the lady taking the pictures. Don't expect to hold the toddler for more than 5 minutes, he/she will get heavy and probably cranky... totally understandable!

And for the photographer attempting to photograph a toddler, while that toddler is being held... for what will most likely be for just a couple of minutes... move around as much as possible. Move in, move out. Go the left, go the right. Climb up high on a step ladder, get down low on the ground. Chances are you will quickly get some good pictures.  I sure do love these darlings from Louisiana...