The Woodlands Family Photographer: tips for shooting indoors or in studio

These pictures are a reminder that studio sessions can be a lot of fun. Sometime the simplicity of a black or white backdrop is just what you need to best highlight your subject and everything that makes them special.  And there is so much that is special about this little lady!

Camera & Settings:  Canon 6d, 50 mm 1.4, f/1.4, 1/400-600, ISO 320 (inside, afternoon, with lots of light coming in from the window and two studio lights on subject). All edited with a VSCO pack 1 preset, with some minor adjustments, in Lightroom.

Inside lighting tip: some people say they do not like to mix real and artificial lighting. Well I do! I sometimes use my Canon speedlight with a bounce card, but for in-studio work, I like to turn on some studio lighting and open up the windows to let lots of extra light in. I find the mix works just fine as long as you watch your white balance. If enough light is coming in, I will keep use the "cloudy" white balance preset on my Canon, but if its mostly studio or indoor lights, I will switch to the  "tungsten" white balance preset to keep it from looking to yellow. If I still don't like what I see, I will do a manual white balance setting, but I usually don't need to bother with that.