The Woodlands Child Photographer

Sometimes it is totally worth it to wake up early, play in the fog and find a grasshopper or two. We are always finding the most beautiful places to take pictures in The Woodlands. Next time we will wear our rain boots so we can splash in the little stream too. 

Camera & Settings:  Canon 6d, 50 mm 1.4, f/2.8, 1/640, ISO 160 (outside, in the early morning with a deep fog filtering all the morning sunlight). All edited with a VSCO pack 1 preset, with some minor adjustments, in Lightroom. I also added layer of highlights to make my fog look a bit more dense because my eye seemed to catch that more than my camera. 

Tip for taking pictures in the fog:  meter off the skin of the person you're shooting or whatever you want to be properly exposed. Fog really illuminates the sky, so if you you meter somewhere in the foggy background, you might end up underexposing your subject.  Also, sun coming through the fog really makes for some nice back-lighting, so be sure to try that too!