The Other Day in May

 Here's a 10 for 10 for the merry month of May. Summer is quickly creeping up on us and every morning I get a wee bit more anxious for the last day of school. Summer is that wild and free part of our lives where we are not constantly running late or rushing around from one place to the next. It's just that lazy period where the focus is  perfecting swimming skills, eating picnic lunches and seeing how late we can manage to stay up. Right now I dread having to get them going  in the morning. No one wants out of bed, no one wants what I served for breakfast and no one wants to get dressed and ready. In summer, it somehow is magically easier to get everyone going. Maybe because there is no particular place to be and no particular time to get there. So May is that in between month between spring and summer. It's getting us ready for those long hot days. I think we are almost ready!