Summer Afternoon in the Woodlands: Child Photography

Here are some of my favorite shots from a recent child/family session in The Woodlands, along with some tips for shooting in direct sunlight. 


I shot this family and child session at Rob Fleming park in The Woodlands recently and we had just as much as fun as we could. We shot in the early evening, so the kids were not too tired, but the sun was just right. When the sun was the brightest, we found some shade in the beautiful trees and shot some awesome silhouette shots and sun flare shots. When the golden hour emerged, we took to the pond and played in a little canvas teepee. These shots are a combination of lifestyle, fine art and portrait photography. Shooting with four kids and one beautiful mom, we were able to get lots of beautiful shots as a group and individually. These four children have an amazing bond and I was so happy to capture it. And afterward we all had ice cream!! 

Also, when you have to shoot earlier (to avoid getting too close to bedtimes or that is just the only time you have), here are some tips for shooting outdoors in the direct and bright light:

  1. Find natural elements to diffuse the light. Look for trees and pray for clouds. Cloud cover is a perfect and natural way to diffuse the light and keep everyone from looking blown out and squinty-eyed. But if you cant will a cloud your way, head to the trees. A nice canopy of trees can give you a semi-bright area to shoot. And if you can find a spot where light is pouring through branches, you create an amazing glow. 
  2. Sunglasses and hats. If you are shooting in direct light in mid-day (vacation, trip to the zoo or other outdoor trek), put a hat or sunglasses on your subject. They will probably than you!
  3. Re-position your subjects. Shoot your subject with their back to the sun and you will get some nice back lighting. Or shoot with the sun to your subjects side. You might be able to create a nice silhouette. 
  4. Shoot somewhere that is covered. Find spots that have an overhang or portico that provide a little amount of shad. Or if you are around a building or house, find the side of the house away from the sun and shoot there!