The Woodlands family photographer

First, let me say hats off to the moms who are busy raising boys. It is not easy, I can tell you that. This special mom, who is a very special friend of mine, does it with style, grace and a calmness I can't even begin to imitate.  Shooting pictures of her beautiful family, grandparents and sister included, I am reminded that with all the excitement of family, comes great joy. This was a perfect spring day to day some pictures of a pretty great family!MesterVerlinden024Portfolio-6-2 Mesters1 MesterVerlinden029Portfolio-9-2 Mesters2 MesterVerlinden062Portfolio-17-2Mesters8MesterVerlinden086Portfolio-24-2 Mesters4 MesterVerlinden045Portfolio-10-2 Mesters5MesterVerlinden116Portfolio-36-2Mesters6 Mesters7Mesters3 MesterVerlinden055Portfolio-15-2