On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!

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She pretty much always wins these races. For now! We have officially reached that exciting and long awaited milestone where these two play with each other. No prompting. They just go to it. I don’t have to hover over them to make sure no one gets hurt. I don’t have to coax her to include him. They just play. And they are happy as clams. I worried that having a boy and a girl, they’d never have that deep companionship that brother/brother or sister/sister pairings have. Who is to say what the future holds for him, but I can only hope that when they are grown they can still remember how much fun they are having with each other right now… and that the bond between a brother and sister can be pretty great. Having said all this, I’m sure they will have a big fight over something in the morning. And if they do, I hope they do this afterwards…

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