The Woodlands newborn photographer

Those days following that moment when you bring home your first child from the hospital are pretty defining life moments. It can be the most joyous, most confusing, most exhausting and most exciting days you've ever experienced. After visiting with these two new parents, I was in awe of their ability to take it all in stride, enjoying every last little thing about their little guy. From the tiny finger grabs, the curious little eyes to the long naps in mom's arms, everything is special and new. I feel honored to have gotten to spend a little time with this new family of three!VanLooveren28Portfolio-6 VanLooveren1 VanLooveren35Portfolio-9 VanLooveren2 VanLooveren49Portfolio-14VanLooveren4VanLooveren65Portfolio-17 VanLooveren66Portfolio-18VanLooveren3VanLooveren15Portfolio-4