We visited NASA's Johnson Space Center last week. You can't live in Texas and not go there. It's just how I remembered it from my last visit, only better because of the kids. You really can't wrap your head around how massive everything is until you see it in person. Last night there was a full moon. It's hard to believe that big beautiful rock used to be part of the earth and now it is forever orbiting out in space. Thanks to the dozen space books we checked out from the library, Claudia can tell you just about anything you want to know about the moon... including that she will be going there someday. I guess we will have to wait and see about that!IMG_2436Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-48Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-48 IMG_2444Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-50Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-50 IMG_2479Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-54Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-54

Russell asked Patrick what happens inside the rocket boosters during takeoff. Here is Patrick explaining how explosions work: IMG_2504Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-58Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-58 IMG_2505Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-59Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-59IMG_2489Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-56Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-56 IMG_2509Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-60-2Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-7