Into the Wood

Patrick has been gifted with an amazing reserve of energy, a bottomless pit worth. We are all best served by getting out of the house in the morning and getting lost in the woods for a few hours. For a boy of two, the mud, the bugs, the sticks, the rocks and an occasional dog are the greatest treasure. And for me, the boy’s loving mommy, my treasure is seeing him good and exhausted when we make it back to the house…a good, long nap is always sure to follow a good, long morning in the woods. We really struggle to make naps happen these days. And we struggle equally (around 5 pm) on days when the nap doesn’t happen.

Aaaand, the best thing about an outing in the woods is the assurance that you won’t see anyone who will judge you for having bedhead. The squirrels just don’t care!

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