Homemade Halloween

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Like most American children, mine live for the Halloween season. Claudia loves picking out a pumpkin or two or three and coming up with some good faces to put on them. Russell always carves at least one Jack Skellington. It’s not Halloween without the Pumpkin King!

And as for the big dance, in the years past in Budapest, there was no door-to-door trick-or-treating. It turns out most countries outside of North America think this is lunacy and have spurned our beloved tradition. So, we adapted by always hosting a party with trick or treating throughout our house, but this did not prepare our kids for Halloween 2014 in The Woodlands. Claudia and Patrick lasted until nearly 8 pm when we finally drug them home.

By the time we made it home, Patrick’s homemade skeleton costume was in tattered pieces dragging behind him and Claudia’s black patent tap shoes, part of her black-cat attire, were badly scuffed. But the kids were beyond thrilled at having experienced a true Halloween and had collected about 10 pounds of candy between themselves. Russell and I stayed up to watch Sleepy Hallow, happily pilfering the kids’ candy bags for our favorite treats. Halloween, it is truly a second childhood for adults and I can’t wait for next year!