Gravely Beautiful

Taking pictures midday can be pretty tricky. This is doubly true when it is summer in a hot climate. But sometimes you see beautiful things in the middle of the day and you just have to get over the bright, direct light and shoot anyway. Such was the case when I passed by the Old City Cemetery in Galveston, Texas. We were just leaving town, the car was all packed up and everyone was settled in their seats, ready to drive. I had seen the cemetery earlier and when we passed it again, I couldn't help myself. I made my husband pull over and I bribed Claudia to take some pictures. Again, it was hot (upper 90s) and midday. I knew I couldn't shoot for very long, so I had to be quick... like 5 minutes quick. I put the hood on my 50 mm, put some sunglasses on Claudia and luckily we found some dandelions for her. I underexposed all the images because I wanted to really catch the beautiful blues of the sky and the bright yellow wildflowers. The entire cemetery was covered with wildflowers. The graves went back to the early 1800s, mostly European immigrants. So again, not an ideal time to shoot... the sun was directly over us and it was hot as hell, but it was just too beautiful to pass.

Canon 6d, 50 mm 1.4, f/8.0, 1/640, ISO 100 (for all), all edited in LR with VSCO pack 1, Fuji 400 H- (minus grain)

IMG_2389Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-3 IMG_2371Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-1IMG_2350Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-1 IMG_2380Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-2IMG_2333Houston_The_Woodlands_photographer_family-34.1Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer-1IMG_2392Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-4IMG_2396Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-5 IMG_2399Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-6 IMG_2400Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-7 IMG_2403Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-8IMG_2406Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-9 IMG_2415Houston_The_Woodlands_family_photographer_edit-10