The Woodlands Family Photographer: shooting in the cornfield & the country

So this happened about two months ago, but due to summer dragging me down (in such a good way!), I am just now getting around to posting these. They are all shot in either our darling Paps' farm or his home. I leave Mer Rouge feeling so jealous of all the beautiful wide open spaces. Our backyard is feeling extra tiny and pitiful now! 

All shot with Canon 6d, 50 mm 1.4. For the farm shots, inside the corn stalks, I used f/3.2, 1/500, ISO 500. It was bright as could be outside, but lots of shade inside the corn stalks. In Lightroom, I touched up their faces with the dodge brush by about 35% & also took some of the green off their faces with a bit of magenta on that brush.  For all the shots outside the corn, I bumped down the ISO to 150 so I would be blown out. 

For the garden shots, I also used the Canon 6d, 50 mm 1.4, but I used mostly f/3.5, 1/250-320, ISO 800. I hate to use that slow of a shutter speed, but it was getting quite late and just a little sun was coming through those beautiful pecan trees, so I had to make adjustments, including that higher ISO. 

For the shots where I am trying to capture Paddy being tossed in the air, Paddy running and Bop running, I used back button focus to try and keep them sharp. It helped a little, but its definitely something I need more work with!