The Woodlands family photographer

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful leaves this cool, crisp fall day. They came in every color and had collected themselves in big piles perfect for jumping. This sweet girl and her little brother were the best. I never once asked them to smile, they just wore them the whole time. Now I just need to go get myself a scooter like hers!Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_1 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_2.1 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_4 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_5.5 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_16 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_7.5 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_14 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_15 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_19 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_11.5 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_9 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_10 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_22 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_17.5 Christesen_Normafa_Portfolio_13