The Woodlands Photographer: taking child photographs on the beach

Galveston. It may not be the most beautiful beach, but its the only beach that is driving distance from us. We live in The Woodlands, which is about an hour and half from the Galveston beaches, a short and worthwhile drive for a fun beach day. And to the kids, it makes no difference! And you know what... it doesn't make too much difference to the camera either! I love how these photos turned out. 

For these shots, here are my settings:  Canon Rebel xsi (my old camera that I don't might getting messy), 28-135 mm lens. For shots with just one person, I used f/5.0, 1/1000, ISO 100. For shots with two persons, I used f/6.3, 1/800, ISO 100. I edited all photos with a Kate T. Parker preset and touched up everyone's face and skin with a highlight/exposure brush. 

See TIPS below for shooting at the beach! 


  1. Don't take your favorite camera:   So, I love the beach, but hate what it could do to my camera. I don't take the camera I love, I take an old DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera, specifically an old Canon Rebel xsi. 

  2. Protect your camera: I don't want to carry a camera bag on the beach because I have enough to carry... kids, towels, beach buckets... so I take a waterproof bag (this one is my favorite). It has a little padding and keeps out water and sand. 

  3. Be careful with your lens: keep your lens cover on when you are not shooting and don't change your lens while you are there. I like to use my Canon 28- 135 mm. If I get sand on my lens, I never rub it off, always blow it off. 

  4. To capture a bright blue sky, underexpose your pictures a little so you don't blow out the sky. I underexpose one stop down on my light meter and then I touch up faces in Lightroom. 

  5. If you are brave and go a little into the water (or if you are smart and have water housing), keep in mind that the water reflects the water and will brighten up  your subjects quite nicely. Watch that light meter and meter off their skin to make sure you don't blow them out. 

  6. Find a private spot. I always feel more comfortable when we have the beach to ourselves. I won't have to photoshop strangers out of my pictures and I won't have to keep watch over my camera when I'm not shooting. Plus, your subjects, whether it be family or friends or clients will feel more at ease to be themselves. 

  7. Have fun!  Duh!  ;)