The Woodlands Family Photographer: shooting on vacation in Hawaii


My tips for taking pictures on vacation:

  • I use my Canon 6d on a daily basis, even vacation, so I usually tuck it into a padded waterproof wet bag & then inside my purse. This one by Jaq Jaq is what I use.  It's good for beach because it keeps out sand and water
  • I use a compact, light weight lens, the Canon 50 mm 1.4
  • I keep a lens hood on to give a little extra protection to my lens and because I'm usually shooting in bright sun during the day time. 
  • I bring an extra memory card, an extra battery and my battery charger
  • Know what you want to shoot before you go... get on pinterest to get an idea of the kind of shots you want to get at certain spots  you are visiting. 
  • Camera settings: I usually kept it on about f/4.5, 1/500, iso (pretty dang low for outside). 
  • Sometimes you might feel silly or annoying when you want to stop everything and get a picture somewhere unconventional... well, moments after you take the picture, the awkwardness or inconvenience has passed and you have that picture you wanted. So just take that picture you want to take! You'll be glad later. ;) 

These are my pictures from our family vacation to Hawaii. We were there for my sweet cousin's wedding and I took a ton of pictures. We stayed on Oahu, on Waikiki Beach. My favorite activities were (1) the wedding, of course! (2) Pearl Harbor (3) paddle boarding and swimming in Waikiki (4) swimming on the North Shore and visiting Turtle Cove (5) eating fresh Malasadas (akin to a donut) from Leonards, (6) climbing Diamond Head (extinct volcano), (7) driving a Jeep around the North Shore, (8) the Dole Pineapple Plantation (9) spending time with family. Dreaming of another trip already... I wish!