2015... and begin!

It’s time! Time to wrap up with the old and prepare for the new.

This year I’ve made a few resolutions. First, I will clean my house more. It’s been messy here lately. It’s a boring, but necessary resolution. Second, it’s time to explore again. Before we moved back to Texas, we were unofficial explorers, travelling near and far, on a frequent basis. Over the last six months, we have become lax and downright lazy in our adventuring, if you can even call our weekly outings to Costco “adventuring.” There are so many beautiful things to see in this world, some as close as a quick walk away from our front door.  So, there’s no excuse not to get out do something exciting.

Third, I vow to give more control to my right brain. For this, I turn to Claudia and Patrick, these fresh brained little beings whose little minds are constantly boiling over with exciting and inventive ideas. And my fourth and final resolution goes hand in hand with the third one…these two kids, they are the heart and soul of this house. I now make my most solemn resolution to preserve the truly memorable moments we share here as a family, so I won’t ever, never, ever forgot.

So that’s it, clean, explore, create and memorialize. I wish you good tidings for 2015 and, if you’ve made a list too, much luck with all your resolutions! The_Woodlands_Houston_family_photographer_All_the_Gold (124)